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Encrypted Audio

Logotype design


Bass music record label Encrypted Audio needed a visual update and approached me to create a their new logotype. Based on the Initials EA, the icon takes its form in response to how the brain decodes the world, and machines decrypt information, through the use of a recurring pattern. It is simple enough to be decoded almost subconsciously, but still challenges the viewer fill in the blanks and find the message. The concept is based on as few guidelines as possible in order to future proof the icon, resulting in more freedom for visual artists commissioned to create artwork for the releases.


The icon consists of two recurring basic shapes. 1: a two dimensional shape, in this case a rectangle with one side removed 2: a line, with the same visual characteristics as shape 1 To construct the “E” - shape 2 is copied and placed underneath shape 1. Rotated and reflected as needed. To construct the “A” - shape 1 is rotated and placed underneath shape 2. This may also be reflected if needed.


The visual appearance of these shapes can change according to preference and intended application. There are no restrictions on the number of sides shape 1 may have, nor any rules dictating line curvature, style or thickness, or amount of white space between the shapes. The icon can be reproduced in a 3D form if needed.